Community comfort rules



version 2.5 dated 29-4-2019.


Secreto de la Zenia is a residential and not a holiday community and hence the only home to many owners.

It is requested you show respect to your neighbors and keep noise levels to a minimum.

Non-compliance may lead to written notice to the owner, and in cases where sustained non-compliance is demonstrated, a security officer will be called out.

All costs for the handling of the disorder will always be charged to the owner.

The owner is always responsible for any disturbances or damages caused by the owners guests, ten- ants etc.

Owners who rent their apartments to third parties must ensure that their guests are made aware of these community comfort rules.

Please read the Safety, Health, Environment and Quality committees FAQ document.




  The community accepts no responsibility for any accident or injury to any person.

  Anyone who causes damage, deliberately, or by reckless action, without lawful authorityor reasonable excuse, commits an offense. The apartment those persons come from, whether owner, family member or paying guest, will be held liable for the damage.

  Ball games, cycling, scooters and skate boarding are not permitted anywhere within the community, including the pool-area.

  Do not dump household waste in the communal bins, use the containers outside.

  The noise levels are to be kept to a minimum from 23.00 until 8.00 hours.

  The use of radios, TV s and loudspeakers of any kind, outside, in the pool area, or with

  open windows or doors is not permitted.

  It would be a kind gesture to pick up and place litter in the communal bins.

  Do not feed stray animals or birds as this makes a mess and will attract vermin.

  Do not throw larger amounts of water onto your balcony when cleaning, as this

  could cause damage and make a mess to ground floor terraces.

  If you wish to make alterations to the outside of your property, you are required to get permission from the President or Vice Presidents.

  Anything that looks out of context with the style of Secreto de la Zenia, or is deemed to be an eyesore, will be removed.

  It is only allowed to use electrical or gas fueled barbecues and no other type on ground level (garden) and on the balconies.

  Keep the outside stairs clean and dont block the landings.

  Regularly empty your mailbox.

  The pedestrian gates are not fit for wheelchairs, please use the gate at the parking.

  Cars must be parked on your own designated parking space, within the markings.

  Caravans, trailers for boats etc. are not permitted on the communal parking.

  Long term parking is not allowed.





  The gates to the complex must be closed at all times.

  If you witness anything which may arouse suspicion, call the local police on +34 659 490462 or the National Emergency number 112.


Swimming pool, jacuzzis and sauna



  Rules in the pool-area must be complied with or you will be asked to leave.

  The pool-area is open from 10:00 until 21:00 hours.

  Silent swimming in the main pool is allowed from 7:00 until 23:00 hours.

  Tenants are not allowed to have their external guests using the pool-area.

  It is not allowed to jump or dive into the pools and/or jacuzzis.

  Only use the lift at the pool if you need it.

  Running and ball games are not permitted.

  Do not climb over the fences to the pool-area.

  No eating and/or drinking in the pools and/or jacuzzis.

  No glass or any other breakable objects must be taken into the pool-area.

  We want you to have fun, but please dont shout in the pool-area.

  Children of 8 years and younger must be under supervision of an adult. If a child is older

  than 8 years, but not able to swim, an adult must be present and supervise.

  For not toilet- or potty-trained children, swimming diapers are mandatory.

  Children who need swimming nappies are not allowed in the jacuzzis.

  In the interest of hygiene and to avoid the filters of the pools to block due to creams and

  oils, shower first before entering the pool, jacuzzis and sauna.

  The reservation of sun-beds is not allowed.

  Use a towel to lay on on the sun-beds to avoid discolouration.

  Place the sun-beds after use back on the deck, dont leave them on the grass because

  of the sprinklers that come up in the late evening and early morning.

  Inflatables may be used but when others get into the pool, you have to remove them. Do not leave them unattended within the pool.

  Simple swimming aids such as arm-bands are permitted.

  Only clothing designed for swimming must be used in the water.

  As this is a family area, no topless bathing is allowed.

  No animals are permitted in the pool-area.

  Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted in the pool-area.

  The pool gate must be closed at all times.

  The stone wall around the pool-area is for decoration. Do not take out the stones.

  One of the jacuzzis will be heated from October 1st until April 30th.

  Place the lid of the jacuzzi back on when you leave.

  Use of the sauna: shower first. Sit on a dry towel and not on the wood. Keep the wood dry to avoid discolouration.

  Keep the sauna and shower clean.






  Dogs must be leashed and under the control of owners in all communal area.

  Owners are permitted to keep dogs but any dog that is classed as dangerous on the

  Spanish Dangerous Dogs List will not be allowed.

  Pet owners must respect the communal areas and immediately clean up any mess.





  President: Cornelis Thoen. Vice Presidents: Hendrick Reyns & Jan Syrdal

  Administrator: Mediterrneo Mrs. Eva Maria Giraldo Aguirregoitia, +34 966 719 867